Czech Social Democratic Interior Minister:

"Iraqi refugees have abused the Czech Republic's good will, they will be deported back to Iraq"

3. 4. 2016

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Milan Chovanec, the Czech Social Democratic Interior Minister, said on Twitter that he has asked the Czech police to use all legal means to deport those individuals who have abused the good will of the Czech Republic and its citizens back to Iraq. With the help of Generace 21, a Czech NGO, 89 Iraqi Christians have been accepted by the Czech Republic.

25 of these Iraqi refugees said that they cannot live in the Czech Republic, hired a private coach and tried to move to Germany. The German police has returned them to the Czech Republic. They must leave the territory of the Czech Republic by 7th April.

A large percentage of the handful of Iraqi refugees that have been accepted by the Czech Republic have serious doubts whether they would be able to live in that country. Their psychological problems are too serious, they say.

The project of accepting small numbers of Christian refugees in the Czech Republic has now been suspended.

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