Prague demonstrators chanted "Gas them!" when a group of muslim women was passing by

26. 8. 2016

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Some two hundred anti-refugee demonstrators met in Prague's Little Town Square on Thursday afternoon to protest against Chancellor Angela Merkel's visit to the Czech Republic. The event was called Welcome for Mutti Merkel. The gathering was addressed by the well-known Czech islamophobes Martin Konvička (who organised a mock ISIS invasion in Prague last Sunday) and Tomio Okamura. Tatjana Festerling from the German anti-refugee group Pegida also spoke at the meeting. Demonstrators carried placards comparing Merkel to Hitler.

When a group of women wearing a hijab was passing the demonstration, the demonstrators chanted "Gas them!" Czech police said it had no information about the incident.

A handful of pro-Merkel and anti-Merkel activists also gathered at the Prague Castle.

The Czech government resolutely rejected the EU policy of refugee quotas, but expressed interest in economic and academic cooperation with Germany.

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